About Me

Hello all those in digital land,

I figured this would be the best medium to be able to reach out. All my life, I’ve wanted to move people. I’ve wanted to act; inspire emotion through music; make someone laugh; make someone cry. I dreamed of being heard and being seen. So I set up this site for that reason; to be able to provide you with many interesting, musical and entertaining goodies and to share my burning passion with you.

The cynical side of me thinks:”O, no! She’s getting sucked into this self indulgent media machine” and the more optimistic side of me thinks:”Hey, maybe people will find me interesting and enjoy the things I’m working on”. Ultimately the dream is being noticed; being memorable. One of the worst things someone said to me after an audition was:”O, were you there?” (eesh)

So. this is me. In website format. I’m gonna share my sights and sounds. Take a look, take a listen. I’d love to hear from you. It would be kind of sick to reach people all over the world. Oh, the power of internet. Sick synonyms include: wicked;cool;rad;awesome etc. ‘Sick’ has become my word for amazing.

Music is my life so it will probably creep up in just about every blog I write.

About me? I’m just a girl who cant stop dreaming. Take a peek. Enjoy. This is for you and me.




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